Tim is a shadow orb that came to life after being hit with a pwn hammer. He manly has a orb for a body 2 tiny orbs for hands and 2 white ovals for eyes. His personality is very wacky at times and is kinda a idiot. He also counts as a Npc AND a pet...

(Tim the Npc will arrive when you have Tim the pet out and near a valid house and the pet will disappear unless it buy it from Tim the Npc which will make Tim the Npc leave)

quotes Edit

"WHY HELLO THERE!! WHY AM I YELLING? WELL WHY THE &$&! NOT.... Oh wait... This is a kids game..."

'please don't use unless you want a wave of stupidity' - Tim the pet's tooltip

'OH great now you let the moron out' tooltip for the Tim the pet effect thing... Also a portal 2 reference