Name: TBD (abbreviation) TheBossD (full)

Age: unknown, likely 13 or 14

Actual appearance.

Appearance: Red haired and green eyed. Yellowish skin. Rest of appearance is to the right

Quote: "..."

Class: Melee

Gear: Vampire knives only, plus beetle armor

Personality: Mostly mysterious, but some describe him as a serious person with a stern attitude. Does not talk at all

Gender: Male

Bio: Was born after a mysterious person named The One was defeated. After The One split up into multiple energy balls, this was enough to create about 99 people, including him. He dreamt of being a scientist.

Alignment: Lawful neutral

Skill: Skilled at medical and astronomical science.

Hobby: Tends to conduct research if left alone, unless it is night or any event is ongoing