• Terradventures: The Series - By Babygoo25

This story is about Momen's adventures in the land of Terraria. CAN ONLY BE EDITED BY MEME DA MAN Ask if you want your character in the story.

Prologue Edit

All of the good is being released into the world. A blinding flash of white light appears. "I did it, I beat the Moon Lord!" Momen exclaims. The Treasure Bag drops down from the sky and into Momen's hands. Momen doesn't realize that this is just the beginning of the end. As Momen unties the Treasure Bag, he dumps everything out. He has found some interesting stuff, like a Gravity Globe, a blue tentacle thing, but the gun was the best: The Sp- *celebrate song plays all of a sudden* "CELEBRATION!" all the townsfolk shout. Momen angrily stares at the townsfolk. The beautiful gun Momen found was the best. It was the Space Dolphin Machine Gun, the best gun that ever existed.

Chapter 1: Space Dolphin Sets Off Edit

Everyday, Momen would go on a new adventure. Get all of his equipment, drink a few potions, and set off. But he NEVER forgot his gun....until one day, Momen was in a hurry. At that time, Martians were about to invade. He got all his weapons that could attack through blocks, but forgot that his gun was his friend. The gun sat there for days. The S.D.M.G. has had E.N.O.U.G.H. Using its fins, it flew out of the chest and shot its bullets to propel itself backward. It didn't know that it was propelling itself straight into the floor of a bouncy castle. It went straight into the sky, then back down. Then it bounced back up, then it went down again. It repeatedly did this for about 5 times until it hit the ground. It was carried away by a Herpling. The gun, along with the herpling ventured far into the Forest...past the Desert, the Jungle, under the Meteorite, and swam in the beach waters. After 5 days of exploring, they returned to their home, just in time when Momen came back. They were happy to see each other and work together again.

5 years later...

The Herpling is now on a vacation in Hawaii, planning to venture back to its home. Considering Herplings have a lifespan of 1,000 years, he won't be back soon.