"You don't have to be so fleshy!"-Quote before finishing off the Wall of Flesh.



Appereance:Randy has a fair complexion most of the time.



  • A molten sword and some meteorite armor, but vanity is a Reaper costume. He also carries a meteorite pickaxe, topping it off with some meteorite hammer and a few torches. Randy, since he is the "adventurer" type, carries some dirt and water for emergencies. Not being stupid, he carries some Greater Healing potions around always and deposits his money.(Chapter one till date)

Personality: Randy is usually a hardworking and sweet person, taking care of his friends first. However, to many of his enemies he seems reckless and stupid, but he does that to throw his enemies of.(at least that's what he says)

Gender: In the official version, Randy is a boy. However in a non-canon special chapter, he is a girl apparently, still retaining his attitude but having a lot of changes. It's interesting to note that in the special chapter, he seems to know he was a boy once, hinting that he might have died once and respawn end as a girl-on purpose. In the official adventure, he's stated multiple times that he would/wouldn't like to gender switch.

Bio: Randy does not usually reveal his past to people, so this is basically rumours and some fact. It is thought that he was the "chosen one" to defeat Moon Lord until Terra came in. Since then, they have been both the main protagonists. He has mentioned before about an uncle who died in the corruption and was reduced to a skeleton, clearly broadcasting that he didn't have parents, at least when he was a teenager.

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Skill: A warrior spirit and brave attitude.