You probably wondering,"Why are you writing rules you can't keep up with???" I just started making the page. Be patient. Anyway, I realized there is no true format for character pages, so I decided to make one. Please not this is not(yet) an official format guide, but use this for me. Anyway, this is Moso's super happy terrific guide for writing character pages!

Creator's notesEdit

This is completely necessary, and if not added someone else will edit the page to add it for you. If it is a community idea, it won't be exactly the same. Example:This was made by (Write insert creators name here.). Please respect his stiles for this page and make no major changes without his permission. Example for community idea: Just put community idea in special ways in source edit.


This is very optional, but a quote is basically a saying they use a lot or speak in their most famous moment. Example:"You don't scare me Ocram!"-Quote before (insert any name here) finishes off/fights Ocram. Changing a quote is very possible, but then in a later mentioned section you have to mention it.